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Portsmouth Self Storage

The most affordable self storage in Portsmouth

Here at Lockbox Self Storage all of our containers are modern and built for purpose with safety of your personal belongings in mind. Each container has its own Lockbox system with individual keys provided to the owners. So you can access your self storage container when you wish 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year.

Entrance to the containers is made easy and hassle free, with our wide doors and accessible entrances you can easily drive your car right up to the front doors to unload all your belongings.

All containers are well ventilated to ensure that your items inside the self storage containers maintain their peak condition. The storage solutions we can offer you in Portsmouth are:

  • 5ft W x 7ft H x 7ft D
  • 8ft W x 8ft H x 8ft D
  • 8ft W x 8ft H x 10ft D
  • 8ft W x 8ft H x 12ft D
  • 8ft W x 8ft H x 16ft D
  • 8ft W x 8ft H x 20ft D
  • 8ft W x 8ft H x 40ft D

All sizes may have minimal variations.

Are you in need of self storage in the Portsmouth area?

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